Chaotic Night Time Baby Feeding

by beagooddad on November 11, 2007

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I went into the baby’s room at 3:30am today. She was very angry with the puddle that she was laying in. This was the first major night time diaper blowout on my watch and what happened next just confirmed my belief that I am much better at this stuff now than I was 4 1/2 years ago.

I turned on the light, stripped her down, wiped her clean and put her in a onesie and sat down to feed her a bottle. Everything happened quickly but calmly. BeAGoodMom happened to wander in to make sure I hadn’t passed out since the yelling had gone on longer than normal. She started poking at cleaning up the clothes and crib and I told her to head back to bed, I had things under control.

She was already pretty awake so she made me give her the baby so I could change the sheets. I think she was just being a baby hog or maybe she really is that nice.

After the room was ready, I took my baby back and sent BeAGoodMom back to bed with a polite “Thank you.”

A couple minutes later, she came back and told me to give her the baby because something was scratching near the bed. Fully prepared to tell the Boogey Man to go find somewhere else to play, I found Winnie the hamster instead. She had disappeared the previous morning and wandered up two flights of stairs to go creep out BeAGoodMom at 3:45am.

I caught the hamster in a little garbage can, returned her to her cage, retrieved my baby one more time and finished feeding her.

By 4:15am, I was back in bed and soundly sleeping.

What did you do this morning before the sun came up?

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