My kids are funny 9/12/06

by beagooddad on September 12, 2006

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Pookie has been talking so much more recently.  It is awesome.  To go from nothing to a tiny bit is so dramatic that it completely catches me off guard.  Sometimes I get a little numb to the echolalia and have to stop and realize that he just told me something specific instead of rattling off lines from a show or song.  But it is happening very frequently these days.  Most of the time it is hourly instead of daily.  Cool stuff.

So this morning Beagoodmom brought the kids downstairs for breakfast.  Pookie walks straight to the cabinet where we keep the air popcorn popper, pulls it out and says that he wants popcorn.  He asks for popcorn several times a day recently.  Once he saw it in a bowl, though, he decided that he did not really want it.  So Beagoodmom gave him a bagel with cream cheese on it.  One of his favorites.  Bagels are something that him and Beagoodmom share a passion for.  Geetle and I don’t get the bagel craze.

He looked at his bagel and said, “I love cream cheese” very dramatically and started eating.  Is that one of those things a macho dad really wants to hear his macho son say?  I don’t really expect to be hearing any commercials for the Official Cream Cheese of the NFL anytime soon.
During all of this Geetle was pretending to be a hamster.  Hamsters are the new cool thing in our house.  No trip to Meijer or the pet store can end without stopping at the hamster display.  Preschool is acceptable because of Sunny, the hamster.  We are planning to adopt a hamster later this week which will rock Geetle’s world.  She also wants a dog so we are toying with naming our hamster Dog.  Maybe we can call him Dog, The Bounty Paper Towel Hunter.

I can’t wait to get home and see Geetle pretend to be a hamster.  I can’t even imagine what that would look like.

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