Tips for new dads

by beagooddad on November 15, 2007

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Abel recently wrote a post called 30 Tips for New Dads. It has 10 tips each for before the baby is born, during the labor and delivery, and after the baby is born.

It is a good read. There are a couple tips that I wish I would have read over the last couple weeks that would have helped me make things a little easier for BeAGoodMom.

I can’t stress number 27 enough. We are still trying to come up with our new routine and my work hours play a huge factor in that routine. We were talking just this morning about me needing to become more consistent with my start and end times. I’ve been working from home with a fairly flexible schedule so it gets easy to push the hours around to what works for that day. We decided this morning that we are both going to wake up at 6am and I will start working at 7am. That will give an hour where we can both get showered, start getting the kids ready for the day and do a little bit of house chores before BeAGoodMom has to tackle the rest of the day.

About the only tip that I don’t really agree with is tip 3. I think the whole breast feeding/bottle feeding issue is definitely something that both the mom and dad need to have a lot of input about and the decision should be made before the delivery. There are pretty heavy implications with either decision and I don’t think that mom should be the only one to make that decision. BeAGoodMom and I discussed the pros and cons of each side for quite a while before coming up with our mutual decision. Having said that, once the decision is made both mom and dad do need to support that decision wholeheartedly.

Stop on over at Parent Wonder to read the rest of the tips.

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