The Sunday After Thanksgiving

by beagooddad on November 17, 2007

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I’m coming up on a monumental date; the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Last year, that was my first day with no pop. When I made the switch, I started drinking coffee knowing that dropping the sugar and the caffeine at the same time would be a lot to expect.

So now that I am comfortably off of pop, I am thinking about dropping the caffeine. For most of the year I was drinking about 8 cups of coffee a year. I’ve dropped down to 4 cups for most of the last couple weeks.

Did you know that 8 oz of coffee contains between 80-135 milligrams of caffeine while 12 oz of Mountain Dew (my old drink of choice) contains 55 milligrams?

It ought to be interesting to see what happens after a couple night time feedings when I can’t have the coffee the following morning. Wish me luck.

Back when I was younger, I used to drink a lot of beer and smoked about a pack of cigarettes. I had no trouble dropping both of those after a few years of abuse. But I switched to pop. I was surprised that I had no trouble dropping the pop but I was able to switch to coffee. I don’t have that many vices left that I can switch to when I drop the coffee so this might be a trickier one. Maybe I’ll have to pick up a tea habit for a year.

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