Bedroom humidifiers for winter dry skin

by beagooddad on November 17, 2007

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When Pookie was a baby, he used to get a fair case of excema each winter. We started putting a humidifier in their bedroom during the dry time of the year. It doesn’t seem to be so bad these days, but we still do it in case the humidifier is helping prevent the excema from even starting.

We normally throw the humidifier away each spring rather than try to find somewhere to store it. We normally buy pretty cheap humidifiers since they only need to last a handful of months.

This year we ended up hating the ones that BAGM bought. They ended up making a ton of noise and with the monitor in the baby room, it was just too much.

So we bought the Penguin Cool Mist Humidifier by Crane.

First off, it is very quiet. We can’t even hear it through the monitor.

Secondly, it looks cool and they have a bunch of other neat designs, too.

Thirdish, it has a little dial that allows you to customize how much water to pump through. The low end is just barely pushing any water through. The high end is near rain season.

We only bought one in case we ended up not liking it. Now that we’ve had it for a week or so, I think I’m going to order one for the Geetle and Pookie’s room and one for our room. I’m thinking the frog and elephant would make good additions to our menagerie.

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