The baby finally has a blog name

by beagooddad on November 19, 2007

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We were holding off on picking a blog name for the baby hoping something in her personality would emerge. Unfortunately, sleepy/poopy/thirsty just don’t seem quite right.

Pookie bailed us out by coming up with his own nickname for her. A couple times a day, he will walk by her and say, “Hi, Giggles.” We have no idea why he does it. He definitely knows her real name. He is always smiling when he says it so we assume that he thinks his name for her is funny for some reason.

So, for now, we shall be calling the baby Giggles.

Doesn’t she look like a Giggles to you? Also, isn’t it strange that a picture just a few weeks old can be so old when they are this age?


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