Out And About With Their Children

by beagooddad on November 27, 2007

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It always makes me happy when I take the kids to neat places like the zoo or museum, etc. I actually had an adventure this weekend but don’t have time to talk about it right now. Our computer died, wasn’t backed up properly, and BAGM and I have been spending all night rebuilding our financial junk on the computer. On the plus side, I have my wife talked into trying to only use Linux for a while.

Anyway, a couple of my friends got out with their kids and wrote really great posts about it.

Silvia’s mom took her to the DSO where she learned that Orchestra Halls have fancy bathrooms.

The Struggling Writer and family went to a children’s museum where his daughter ran around in a toga while the rest of them tried to dry her clothes with the hand dryers.

Seriously folks. Fun like this doesn’t happen around the house. With winter setting in, I think we all need to make commitments to get the kids out to a few fun big event type things over the next couple months. Bookmark the posts at your favorite bookmarking site to use as inspiration to do something big when the sun quits shining before the school bus brings the kids home.

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