A Special Christmas Tree This Year

by beagooddad on December 3, 2007

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I threw out the old fake tree right after Christmas last year. We bought it back in 1998 for our first Christmas for $19.99 from Target.

BAGM had a bit of sticker shock at the price of the new decent fake trees. The other day she asked if she could “throw out an idea.” She wanted to make a tree using a bunch of pieces of construction paper or poster board and tape it to the wall and then decorate it with cut out stars, bells, etc.

I pondered it a second and then said we should make the tree out of felt and then we could make a bunch of felt decorations and stick them to the tree. We’re pretty dangerous when we work together.

We were able to buy a 6 feet wide by 6 feet long piece of green felt from Jo-Ann Fabrics (they sell it by the roll like normal fabric). A bunch of small pieces of various color felt brought the bill up around $20.

BAGM made me draw the tree because of my mad art skillz. We used cookie cutters and our own creativity to design the ornaments and the kids eagerly placed them all over the tree.

Here is our finished product. With the star it is approximately 7 feet tall.


My favorite part is that we can easily redecorate the tree any time we want. Most real (and fake) trees are fun to set up but then you spend the rest of the time chasing the kids (and pets) away from the tree. This tree practically begs to be poked and rearranged. We’re planning on doing this for the next few years until Giggles is old enough to be safe around a tree.

Who knows. By then it might be a neat family tradition.

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