Buying Christmas Presents With Pookie

by beagooddad on December 3, 2007

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We gave the kids money to buy Christmas presents for each member of the family and spent some time asking them what kinds of presents they thought everybody would want. Geetle is all over it this year. Pookie is working on it.

I took him to Target today. We started in the toy aisle to look for something for Geetle. He was so busy that he couldn’t focus on the task at hand. It didn’t go any better in the art supply aisle so we decided to postpone her presents for another trip.

He did a much better job with Giggle’s present for some reason. He picked out a set of four soft blocks. He was even able to tell BAGM what he bought when she asked during dinner.

I can’t tell you what he bought BAGM since she likes to snoop around here every now and then. By this point of the shopping trip, he was pretty burnt out but he seemed content with my idea when he put it in the cart.

During checkout, I handed him his money and asked him to hand it to the cashier. The Christmas shopping might not have went perfectly but at least I was able to get him to practice paying for stuff.

I’m planning on waiting until the last second possible (maybe even Christmas morning) to have him wrap the presents so that he has the best chance of making the connection between the presents and the fact that he is giving them to people.

BAGM took Geetle shopping this afternoon. I forgot to ask all of the details but I’m guessing it went a little differently. I’ll post a link when she writes about it.

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