Two Things Happened Tonight

by beagooddad on December 3, 2007

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We have decided that we are tired of Pookie not being number 2 potty trained. It might just be the lack of sleep making us a little cranky. While we were at the mall on Saturday, Pookie pooped in the toilet. For some reason he is much better pooping on the road. At home he flat out refuses to even try.

About lunch time on Sunday we realized it had been 24 hours. We stripped him from the waist down which worked well for us back when he was learning to pee. He really hates being partially dressed. He refused to poop all day yesterday. Then today he still hadn’t pooped at lunch time (48 hours since the last poop). We had to dress him and send him off to school.

He came home having not pooped at school. Sweet. I stole his pants and underwear again and sent him off to play. Around 6:30pm, he finally started looking nervous. I sent him into the bathroom and he pooped. I gave him and Geetle the celebratory candy and told him he could go get underwear. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch him most of the times over the next couple weeks by using the half dressed potty training plan.

The second thing that happened today is that I happened to log into my Feedburner account and noticed that I am eligibe for advertising this feed. I’m not really sure how that’s going to work out, but I turned it on to see what would happen. Let me know if it does anything funny besides showing ads or if it does something annoying like show 20 ads for each post in the feed.

While I’m small talking. Giggles is starting to wake up. She’s been asleep for 5 hours and hasn’t eaten in 6. Too bad it didn’t happen over night. I will say that I’m pretty proud of her, though. She has only needed to wake up once a night for the last few nights.

Sorry. No time to proof read. Giggles is stirring and she’s bound to be pretty hungry.

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