New addition to the family

by beagooddad on September 14, 2006

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Yesterday, we bought a hamster. Her name is Winnie. Everybody is pretty excited about the new critter and she seems very gentle so far.

Everybody is a little bummed because the pet store told us that we put her in the cage for the first four days before handling her. We are helping everybody know when that big day will be by saying that it will be the day after the Hawkeye game. My dad, sister, uncle and I travel to all of the home Hawkeye football games. The kids have learned to use that as an clue that it is the weekend in the fall.

We now have four fish and a hamster. We used to have two cats from before the kids were born. One reacted bad to the kids learning to crawl and the other reacted bad when we moved to this house so we don’t have the cats anymore. I think that getting a hamster will postpone the purchase of a dog for a few years.

Pookie seems much more excited about Winnie than we expected. We had been considering a dog figuring that he might interact with a dog and help his socialization but it looks like Winnie might become very popular and get talked about a lot. Especially when we let Winnie run through the house in her little ball.

So far, Winnie prefers the little cave at the top of the tubes above the cage. She dragged a bunch of bedding and food up there and is completely ignoring the official house that Geetle says she should be sleeping in.

She might be about to learn that kids never do exactly what you expect.

I’ll try and post a couple pictures when the kids get to hold Winnie.

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