Burping My Baby

by beagooddad on December 4, 2007

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Giggles likes to eat and sleep. Unfortunately when she falls asleep while eating, she doesn’t like to burp. Doubly unfortunately, when I’m feeding her in the middle of the night I really don’t like her taking forever to burp.

I’ve been experimenting and have some data about how well different burping techniques work on my baby.

Over The Shoulder – The ol’ faithful. Works very well when she is awake but with varying success when she is tired since it has a tendency to put her to sleep.

Sitting On My Lap – The very act of moving her from the feeding cradle in the crook of my arm seems to wake her up enough that this actually works once every few meals. Since she is only a week old, this position causes her head to flop a bit and when I’m tired I don’t really trust myself to catch her.

Over My Should While I’m Standing Up – When the going gets tough, I stand up. If Giggles is going to burp, this will work. If not, I’m already half way to the crib.

Rubbing Her Back – Do not, let me repeat, do not rub Giggles’ back. She will not burp. She will start making coughing up hairball sounds and if you don’t stop, you will be cleaning up the room when she yacks. So, do not rub her back.

To Hell With Burping – Rough language but at 3am, if Giggles decides that she doesn’t want to be burped after drinking 2 or 3 ounces, I’ll just put her back in bed and wait for the next round.

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