Take Out The Paper And The Trash

by beagooddad on December 5, 2007

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During the great toy purge of ’07, we almost threw out the toy garbage truck. It kind of looks like this picture but I don’t think that’s the actual one that we have. It is orange like that and about the same size though. And it made noises.

Rather than send it to Goodwill, I took the batteries out and it managed to remain a favorite. They both like to push it around the house, put small toys in the back, drive them to a different part of the house and dump it out. Good times.

Geetle likes to drive the truck, too. She sits on top and pushes it around the house like it is some kind of little scooter. I keep expecting the axle to break (that actually happened to one of their toy fire trucks) but so far it seems to be holding steady.

The toy garbage truck makes a ton of noise as she drives around on the hardwood floors and we’ve had heated discussions about whether driving the garbage truck during Giggle’s naps but it looks like such good exercise that I try to remember not to bug her about it when Giggles is awake.

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