Looking Like A Grown Up, Making My Wife Happy and Fighting the Work At Home Blues

by beagooddad on December 6, 2007

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Poor BAGM knows that I am not the most fashion forward individual you are bound to meet.  A good day for me since I’ve been working at home is when I actually put on blue jeans and a t-shirt before logging in to work.  In an effort to make work seem less like something boring that I do at home and more like a real career and also to make BAGM happy, I’ve made a few changes in the last couple weeks.

Here is my 3 step guide to Looking Like A Grown Up, Making My Wife Happy and Fighting the Work At Home Blues:

  • Shave everyday.  If I go a day without shaving, lumberjacks and beavers start camping out at the front door waiting for me to leave the house so they can jump onto my face to practice their respective trades.  After two days, BAGM starts saying “Ouch” anytime my face gets near hers.  If I use my electric razor everyday and then once a week use the old fashioned blade, BAGM lets me near her more often and there is less of a motley crowd in the front lawn.
  • Big boys wear shirts with buttons.  No more t-shirts on days that I work.  I have a whole series of shirts with buttons on them.  I have recently been wearing the long sleeve ones to fight the chill in the basement.  The long sleeve ones have buttons that go all the way down the shirt.  And they make me look nicer than when I wear t-shirts.  How mature is that?  Well, maybe not so much.  Almost all of my long sleeve shirts are hand-me-downs from my dad from when he retired last year.
  • Wake up before work.  BAGM and I were both getting into a bad habit over the last few months of sleeping until the last minute before I had to go to work.  Then I would just immediately dash off to the basement to start my day.  That left BAGM to fend with the kids and try to get herself pulled together.  With the baby added to the mix, that became even more unfair.  So, we both wake up at 6am.  While one of us is in the shower, the other gets breakfast for the kids, unloads the dishes, cleans up the house and takes care of Giggles.  Then we swap.  I end up starting work at about the same time and BAGM gets an easier transition into the morning.  Plus, I get to spend more time alone with the kids.

One of the nice results of these simple changes is that I am much more awake and happier at the start of the work day and I don’t have to be embarrassed when one of BAGM’s friends stops by for a visit and I’m wearing my moose pajamas.

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