Found Photos

by beagooddad on December 10, 2007

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The other day Geetle walked up all excited showing us the memory card she had found on the floor.  It was an old 8MB card that came with an old video camera we had that also had the revolutionary feature of being able to take low quality photos (the originals are 640X480).

Apparently, BAGM was bored one day while on bed rest before Geetle and Pookie were born.  There were a bunch of odd photos of our old townhouse taken on Christmas day 2002.

For example, here are some of our books:

And here is a classic shot of BAGM’s foot while 8 months pregnant with Geetle and Pookie:

Here is BAGM taking video of you:

And here is the one picture that I took.  BAGM, Geetle and Pookie on 12/28/2002.  Just over 1 month before Geetle and Pookie were born.

There are anouther 10 or so odd photos of picture frames, our bathroom sink, and assorted oddities.  Who knew that you used to be able to fit so many pictures on an 8MB memory card?

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