When You Really Do Not Want More Kids

by beagooddad on December 10, 2007

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BAGM and I had a serious conversation a couple days ago.

We are officially done have kids.  We are very happy with our 3 and are ready to tap out of the fertility pool.  Fortunately this is a very strong mutual agreement.

I am officially infertile according to the doctors but I have heard plenty of stories of infertile men managing to get one magic sperm to create the surprise baby.  We do not want the surprise baby.

We have a few options at this point:

  • Start BAGM back on the contraception routine
  • Practice abstinence for the next 20 years or so
  • Get me snipped
  • Cross our fingers and assume that since I haven’t gotten BAGM pregnant in the last 7 years since we first started trying that the odds are pretty strong in our favor the rest of the way out
  • Use more than one of the options above.

I think that covers most of the options.  I am perfectly willing to go the getting me snipped route.  I’ve even made fun of my male friends who refuse to do it because they are afraid of the procedure.

My concern (if that’s even the right word in this case) is being uncertain if a vasectomy is covered under our insurance plan and if so whether it is covered for somebody that has been declared as infertile.  I’ll have to make some phone calls to see what they say.  Maybe I’m just being paranoid but I could entirely see the U.S. health insurance companies finding a way to deny coverage for a vasectomy for someone that has been declared infertile.

I guess my other concern would be if there is some kind of long term complication from a surgery that probably won’t make any difference in our ability to not conceive.

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