What Do Your Kids Think About Homosexuality

by beagooddad on December 11, 2007

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There’s a children’s book called King & King that is causing some controversy in libraries and schools.  The story involves a queen telling her son that it is time to get married and parading eligible princesses for him to choose from.  He instead decides that he prefers one of the brothers of one of the princesses instead.  The the men end up getting married and apparently kiss in one of the last pages.

In one of the more recent public cries for banning the book, Jeff and Eileen Issa were pissed that their 2 1/2 year old son saw “the prince holding hands with and kissing his new husband.”  Jeff later says, “I just want kids to enjoy their innocence and their time of growing up.  Let them be kids and not worry about homosexuality, race, religion.  Just let them live freely as kids.

I have a few problems with Jeff’s statement.  Mainly the whole “not worry about homosexuality, race, religion” part.

Would Jeff mind if the story involved let’s say a black man and a white woman?  Or would that be pushing the whole race thing into our kids’ faces at too young of an age?

Would the story be okay if the two men just lived in the same house and played Parcheesi every night instead of actually officially getting married and then daring to kiss?  Is it the marriage that is the problem or is it the implied sexuality of the act of kissing?  If it is the latter, would it be okay for a blond, blue-eyed prince to marry a blond, blue-eyed princess, hold hands and then kiss at the end of a children’s book?

Are there any people that do not approve of homosexuality for reasons that do not have to do with religion?

And another thought, is it really that crazy for kids to know that two men or two women might enjoy spending their time together?  At 2 1/2 years old do kids really understand relationships to any extent more than that?  We have a couple twins that are about 1 1/2 years younger than Geetle and Pookie that live across the street from one of the playgrounds we go to.  We don’t see them very often but when we do, their parents are pretty easy to talk to.  They have twins and they went through IVF so we have a lot in common.  Our kids know them as the kids with the two moms not as the lesbians committing sins against our Lord.

And finally.  There are certain relationships that I would not approve of.  For example, I would have a conniption if one of my Hawkeye loving children ended up marrying a Duke basketball fan.  That’s just not natural.  If anybody knows of any books where they encourage those kinds of relationships, let me know so I can talk to my local library.

I’ve been known to be a little odd so I’d love to hear your opinions on banning a book like King & King from libraries.

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