A couple ways Bush is hurting our children

by beagooddad on December 13, 2007

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If there is anything I’ve learned over the last 7 years, it’s when Bush says he’s against something then I am all for it.

Yesterday, Bush vetoed pumping more money into a “federally funded, state-run health insurance program for poor children.”

I know nothing about the details of this bill nor do I have any opinions on it other than that if Bush is against it, I’m for it. The proposal was to increase the funding by $35 billion over the next 5 years. Anything that uses that big of numbers is pretend money to us normal folk, but let’s talk about this for a second.

Kids not being able to afford health care seems like a bad thing. Let’s say for a second that as a country we decide to invest the time and money into trying to do something for those kids. Instead of constantly feeling abandoned by the country, government, and those with the money to afford health care, these kids just might feel like the world is trying to look out for them a little bit. Just maybe they have a chance of getting some kind of support and improving their future. It might be a pipe dream, but who knows.

Now, that’s a lot of pretend money. How can we ever afford that much pretend money? Don’t go raising our taxes for some government mismanaged program that will siphon the money off into pet projects instead of helping the kids. We’ll stick with our local charity work in our free time. All the time we donate to the local food pantry, schools and literacy programs will do more than any stupid government run program. Right? Are you with me?

Well, maybe we don’t have to raise taxes for this thing to get the money it needs.

The National Priorities Project website has a site that shows the running tally of the cost of the war in Iraq. I can’t read numbers as big as the current tally, but they do mention that the war in Iraq costs $275 million per day. Since this is all pretend money, I’ll use this number for a second.

$35 billion over 5 years works out the $7 billion a year. Sounds pretty close to my heating bills this winter. Divide $7 billion by $275 million per day and you get something like 25.5 days. So, in theory if we just stopped the war in Iraq for 25.5 days per year, we could spend the money saved to fund a $7 billion a year project to provide health care to poor kids in America. The troops over there could get almost an extra month of vacation time each year to come home and see their families.

As an added bonus, our kids will hear fewer stories about American troops (another government funded project) killing people in another country. Less Americans killing people sounds like a good thing to me.

Just think about how much money our government will have for pet projects for Americans when we decide to quit blowing up Iraq.

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