Twice In One Day

by beagooddad on December 19, 2007

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We have been working super hard at getting Pookie pooping in the potty recently.  When we know that it has been near a full day since the last incident, we make him run around the house without pants and underwear until we can get him to go in the toilet.  For some reason he is 1000 times more hesitant to poop without pants on.

It had been working pretty well but then he one-upped us and switched to going first thing in the morning before we had a chance to really get the day started for the last few days.

Well, I wasn’t born yesterday so I told my mom yesterday that as soon as they were done with breakfast to get him stripped from the waist down and wait it out.  About 9am I happened to walk upstairs for a coffee break.  They were chilling in the bedroom with my mom so I stopped to say hi.  Pookie looked nervous so I told him to go poop which he proceeded to do.

Then, last night we had family night at Geetle’s school.  I was home alone with the kids and was just cleaning up after dinner while asking Geetle and Pookie to get ready to leave.  I went into the other room to change Giggle’s diaper and heard Pookie walk into the bathroom.  Since he had peed during dinner, I left Giggle’s on the floor and followed Pookie.

He sat down and pooped.  Yes, that’s right.  He sent himself to the bathroom.

Too cool.

BeAGoodMom just walked in to inform me that this morning he was looking suspicious so she sent him into the bathroom and was able to get him to poop again.

Impressive.  Three in a row in less than 24 hours.  I’m not sure whether to root for another one this evening or be worried that his stomach is doing a little too much work.

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