Stats From Around the World

by beagooddad on December 19, 2007

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I just found this presentation by Hans Rosling discussing analyzing data about populations, income, and life expectancy around the world. Sounds pretty boring, right?

No. This is a cool presentation. Sometime when you have 20 minutes that you can actually dedicate to paying attention, I highly recommend you listen.

Besides just being a very good presenter, there is a moment where Rosling looks at continent/regional data and splits it into country data and then into sub-country data that really goes a long way toward highlighting why you can’t do something like come up with a plan to “fix Africa.” Too much diversity even within very small areas.

As a side note, and for a desperate attempt to find a reason why I should be talking about this here, wouldn’t it be amazing if our students regularly were exposed to using technology as an educational tool in such an amazing way?

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