Children uniting against parents

by beagooddad on September 18, 2006

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There is a conspiracy afoot.

Our children are somehow networking together to plan covert operations against us hapless parents.  I’m betting they are doing it when our cell phones “disappear.”  I’m further guessing, that our misplaced keys and wallets are merely a cover up to hide the cell phone usage.

Yesterday, Beagoodmom and I got into a little heated discussion, a very rare and special occasion in our family.  Pookie was downstairs, we were talking upstairs and Geetle came into the room and tried to get us to pay attention to her.

Rather than continuing the discussion in front of her, I took her downstairs to plop in front of the TV babysitter for a few minutes.  Pookie, who had been silent the entire time, was sitting calmly at the kitchen table.

With the freezer door open.

And the box of donuts in front of him on the table.

With 7 chocolate Entenmann’s donuts spread out in front of him.

I placed 5 donuts back in the box, gave one of them to Geetle and one to Pookie, turned on the TV and rushed upstairs to win…I mean finish our discussion.

Afterward, Beagoodmom and I laughed at the donut situation.  Good old family fun.

This morning, I learned the truth.  This was not a harmless act of childhood silliness.  This was the beginning of an organized nationwide child uprising.

The Chocolate War has begun.  Do you know where your chocolate is?

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