More Felt Christmas Trees

by beagooddad on December 23, 2007

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Angela just sent me an email recently that made my day. Another felt Christmas tree.

In my original post, I speculated that the felt trees might be great for pet owners. Angela has evidence that while the felt Christmas trees might be safer than real Christmas trees, the pets might still have more fun than they should.

Here is the email she sent:

OK, Our felt tree started out as being just over 6 ft tall, but we had to cut the bottom off after it was damaged by cookie hands and the dog tried to “help” “clean it up”. I’ve learned a few things from our felt tree.

  1. Cats love to try to jump on it.
  2. Dogs love to chase cats that try to jump on it
  3. Felt does pass through the digestive system of an 11 month old boy completely intact.

I had to take the pics with my cell since my camera has gone missing. I suspect the 11yo but anything is possible ;-) I’ll find out when she comes back from her an outing with her cousins!

Have a great Christmas!!

Not only a great Christmas tree specimen but a great story to go with it. Thanks Angela.

Without further ado, on with the tree.

felt christmas tree 2

felt christmas tree 3

felt christmas tree

For the record, nice job with the ornaments and putting the tree on a door which even further frees up space in the room.

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