A Mostly Christmas Story

by beagooddad on December 27, 2007

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Here are some of my favorite photos from Christmas, but first a story that has nothing to do with Christmas.

Giggles has had a little bit of a cold; just some phlegm in her cough. So over the weekend whenever I would go to burp her, she would normally end up making a crazy hairball cough. And whenever she made the hairball cough, she would fart.

That, my friends, is Newton’s 3rd Law in action.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Anyway, on with the photos.

BAGM was responsible for bringing the veggie tray to both Grandparents. Those veggie trays are probably the only thing that kept me from overdosing on sugar that last couple days. Yes, that is a real shot of the veggies in our sink before she chopped them up. Pretty, eh?

Here is Geetle finding her own alternative food supply.

Here is Pookie playing with a “rocket car.”

Here is my favorite picture of Giggles getting to know her Great Uncle Jo Jo a little better.

Here are a couple simulated action shots.

And finally. We were thinking about sending out a picture of the family with the Thank You cards. This picture would be perfect…

except that BAGM is taking the picture and I am standing around probably searching for another cookie. Won’t Aunt Shel and Uncle My Mark have a great looking family someday!

A couple other things that I noted about Christmas.

  • Whoever is in charge of the baby while presents are being unwrapped, which happened to be me at both parties, misses a lot of the excitement from Geetle and Pookie but gets tons of smiles from Giggles.
  • Pookie was really into opening all of the presents this year for the first time.
  • Geetle is awesome at picking out presents. She bought me Eldest because it has a dragon on the cover and she knows I like to read books about dragons.
  • Giggles is completely comfortable staring at, being fed by, and falling asleep on anybody that holds her…and during the parties that included pretty much everybody.
  • BAGM is much better at remembering to take pictures than I am…but I’m working on it.

And what Christmas would be complete without the famous line from Papa that I will include here because he forgot to say it during the party. I think he’s starting to watch what he says around the little ears.

“Another Christmas shot to hell.”

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