Christmas Budget Poll Results and a new poll

by beagooddad on December 29, 2007

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christmas budgetBack in early December I asked what your Christmas budget was for each kid.

Whoever budgeted spending more than $1000 per kid, please email me so we can start the adoption process. My birthday is in March and I will make sure you have the list in early January so you have time to find everything.

It looks like most people were around our budget plus or minus. We spent about $150 for Geetle and Pookie but that included their birthday presents (their birthday is at the end of January) and around $50 for Giggles since 2 month olds don’t really want that many things.

I happen to know that both sets of Grandparents have scaled back the last couple years at least partly as a result of recent retirements. Even with all of that, our library room is stuffed with knew toys that the kids bounce around non-stop all day from toy to toy, book to book, and art project to art project. Thank goodness for retirements!

I read somewhere that the physical stores had a lot of trouble with sales this year due to the massive increase in online purchases and the overall decrease in total purchases due to the economy. Sucks to be a business model that is rapidly becoming obsolete.

We bought almost everything from Amazon and other direct online purchases. No crowds, no stress. Everything was shipped directly to our house. And we were able to do our searching/shopping from the comfort of our own basement while the kids were snug in bed.

Did you buy your presents this year online or offline this year?

Since the end of the year is upon us, let’s do a New Year’s poll.

How will you spend New Year’s Eve?

  • Alone
  • Home with family
  • Away with family
  • With friends
  • Alone with spouse/significant other
  • Not sure since I’ll be drinking heavily

Our plans are so big and grand that you will be shocked and awed when they are revealed. All I can mention at this time is that all 3 kids will be spending the night with my parents!

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