The Rich Might Get Richer

by beagooddad on January 14, 2008

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The Governor of Arizona is proposing some legislation that would allow students who maintain a B or higher average in high school to get free tuition at state universities and community colleges.

Wonderful…except aren’t the kids that tend to get those kinds of grades normally from the wealthier families and therefore maybe don’t need quite as much help paying for their education?  Potentially.

I’m all for doing whatever we can to cap the costs of the big 4 year degree that is pretty much becoming mandatory to get your average entry level job these days but I can’t help being slightly offended at the thought that the kids with the higher grades are going to pay less for the education in a country where the difference in the education provided in the rich areas of the country is so much better than the education provided in the poorer areas.

But I bet the upper class voters will eat up that bill.

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