The List For Tomorrow

by beagooddad on January 18, 2008

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Geetle, Giggles, and I are going to run around town tomorrow while BAGM and Pookie go on their own adventure.  Geetle is ready for a big day of fun.  She had BAGM help her make a list of the activities Geetle is planning on doing.  BAGM spelled the words out loud and Geetle wrote the list.

list of activities for tomorrow

For those of you that might need a translation:

  1. Glasses (we are going to pop in and get mine and Geetle’s glasses adjusted.  We are both very excited)
  2. Birthday Treat (their birthday is on Jan 31st.  She wants to pick up the treats for her class tomorrow.  I’m thinking something non-perishable)
  3. Golf (Glow in the dark put-putt at our mall – in fact the rest of the list takes place at the mall)
  4. Fountain (You have to throw some money into the fountain at the mall)
  5. Disney (The famous Disney Store of course)
  6. Playground (I love the trend of putting the play areas inside the mall)
  7. Trains (the Barnes & Noble at the mall has a train set the kids love)

Sounds like we have a big day ahead of us.  Geetle is very excited to show Giggles 4-7.

Both Pookie and Geetle have developed a recent obsession with practicing writing their letters which is something that is very fun to sun in the just under 5 crowd.  In the last couple weeks, I’ve really noticed their confidence, speed, and hand position improve quite a bit.  Pookie still hasn’t decided which hand he wants to use and the other day I caught him drawing squiggles with two hands working independently.  It wasn’t pretty but it was funny to watch.

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