Preschool update 9/19/06

by beagooddad on September 19, 2006

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The preschool routine is settling down in the Beagoodfamily household.  Beagoodmom and Mamaw are getting used to the craziness of Monday/Wednesday/Friday where Geetle goes to school in the morning and Pookie goes in the afternoon and somehow lunch has to happen between the two.  Tuesday and Thursday must seem calm when only Pookie goes to school.
I think Geetle is enjoying the one on one attention that she is getting every afternoon while Pookie is away.  We’ve been pushing his speaking a lot the last couple weeks and she is feeling the loss of a small percentage of attention.

Here is what the kids have been learning so far:

Geetle’s class is working on recognizing and tracing.  She is constantly pointing out letters and saying, “Hey, that’s the letter like in my name” or “Hey, that’s the letter like in Pookie’s name.”  Pretty neat.  We have their names written on various things throughout the house.  Pookie has been able to recognize, spell, and read his forever now.  Geetle can tell which of the two names belong to which of them, but cannot spell them.  She now knows a couple letters of each of their names.  She has trouble remembering the letters name, but can tell us where she has seen it before.  When we drive by stores, she always points out the letters she knows.  She also has a boyfriend.  I want to say his name is Mark, but it is tough to keep up with all her man friends.  I will definitely need to keep her away from Myspace when she is a teen.  If you have a 3-5 year old daughter and are trying to find a neighborhood to move to, please pick mine.
Pookie is working on his interactive talking.  To practice this, his school uses a version of the PECS system.  He is currently working on pieces of Phases II through IV.  We are focusing on this a lot at home this year, too.  We have little pictures velcroed onto various parts of the house and keep a little plastic strip with an “I want…” picture.  When he wants something, he has to find the picture that represents what he wants, say the sentence he made (as in “I want to go outside.”) and then immediately hand us the strip.  One of the problems we had toward the end of the summer is that he would do some basic communicating with us, but rarely while making eye contact or really talking to us.  It was more like he was just saying what he knew he needed to say.  By handing the strip to us, he is being forced to acknowledge us and interact with us while he is talking.  After just a few days of really working with this, I can see a pretty dramatic difference.  Little things that an outsider would not see, but very positive things in his development.

Geetle’s favorite parts of school are the hamster that lives in the classroom and the playground they play on every day.  Pookie’s favorite parts are riding the bus and singing the songs throughout the day.  They have one for when they show up, one for each transition that they do as they move through activities, and one for getting ready to leave.

How is school going at your house?

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