Horrible News

by beagooddad on January 25, 2008

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The local newspaper recently confirmed that we are indeed getting a new Wal-Mart (a Super one at that) right by our house; as in on the corner of the street we use to get out of our neighborhood and onto the main north-south road by our house.

I am opposed to Wal-Mart for a variety of reason.  One of which is their instance that their butter and spaghetti sauce MUST arrive on time (I once worked as a programmer for a company that sold a lot of butter and spaghetti).  My biggest problem with the announcement, though, is more of a traffic flow issue instead of a company policy thing.

It seems like every time they put in one of these big retailers they always make the exit closest to the main road an inbound only so that you have to fight back through the parking lot just so you can make the turn to get back on the main road.

And 99% of the time there is nowhere near enough traffic to necessitate needing special traffic routing.  The only exceptions are some of the big shopping days around Christmas.  I’m tired of having my ability to turn when and where I want to turn being dictated by the “needs” of a two week period of the year.  Especially since there is no way in hell you would catch me in that parking lot during that time period anyway.

And while we’re talking about traffic, can I start turning left again without needing the little green arrow.  Most of the day, there are few enough cars that I don’t really want to sit at a red left turn arrow.

What does this have to do with parenting and being a good dad?  Well, I’m sure that accidentally cussing in front of the kids is not going to help me win any parent of the year awards.

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