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by beagooddad on January 30, 2008

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I’m struggling with the whole work/family/hobbies balance recently. Actually, more specifically, I’m struggling with just the hobbies side of it and it’s odd ability to overstep into the other two domains.

I started blogging a couple years back just because it seemed like a fun, dorky way to pass a little bit of time. Then I found out about ads and somehow it started crossing into the territory of work without the benefits of a decent paycheck.

In doing so, it also started to take up all of my free time for my other hobbies. Did you know that my original blogging projects were entirely centered around wanting to write a novel? Since then I have finished approximately zero novels.

So, I’m going to start taking control of my hobby time again. I’m not going to plan on posting to any of my other blogs besides here and Kalbzayn’s World. I’m also going to cut back on the amount of posts that I write. Instead of going through phases where I try to write 3 posts a day, I’m going to aim for something closer to 3 a week. The tentative plan is to post something on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Feel free to subscribe to Be A Good Dad to receive updates in your email or feed reader instead of actually needing to come to visit when there is nothing new to read.

Anyway, I was tagged for an eight interesting things about me meme by Heather, so let’s call all of that above as interesting thing #1. That means I need 7 more. Since I’m sure I’ve done similar memes, please forgive me if any of these sound familiar.

  1. During Easter and all of the Jesus programs on channels like the History Channel, I often go through a couple weeks where I am creeped out walking into unlit rooms at night because I expect to see a very angry Jesus waiting to yell at me about something (probably for blogging too much). It’s creepy enough of a vibe that my pulse actually rises and I often find myself reaching around to try to turn on the light before I enter the room.
  2. I wrecked my parents’ car the other day. I bumped something in a parking lot. Since it was their car, it goes on their insurance policy even though I have the same exact policy through the same exact agent. I should drive my parents’ car more often.
  3. As much as the geek inside me wants a really sweet, giant flat screen TV, I squash that geek every time I look at the Best Buy ads and realize that they still cost $1000-3000. All that just so I can watch sitcom reruns? I don’t think so…(but maybe someday).
  4. Sometimes I expect Giggles to start talking to me (even though she is just three months) because she was conceived at the same time as Pookie and Geetle. Somehow I imagine that the scientists in the baby zygote frozen storage facility have found a way to pipe music, video and books on CD into the zygotes little frozen ears and after hanging out there for 5 years, she should be ready for some of these normal things like talking.
  5. I’m annoyed at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Why do we have to cram so many office holidays into such a short period of time? Then we end up going most of the first part of the year with nothing. Can’t we just move those holidays around a little bit to spread the days off love around?
  6. I think it is funny that one of the most popular feel good TV shows these days, Extreme Makeover:Home Edition was originally a spin off of a cosmetic surgery show.
  7. I immediately close almost all web pages that start making noise without requiring me to click on a button to start that noise.

There you go. 8 “interesting” things about me. Enjoy.

I’m not going to tag anybody because I’m doing everything I can to prevent those super viruses from spreading and playing tag just seems to touchy-feely with the constant threat of viruses bigger than your Thanksgiving Turkey.

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