Happy 5th Birthday

by beagooddad on February 1, 2008

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Geetle and Pookie turned 5 yesterday. 5!

There’s something bizarre about 5 that just seems so much older than 4. I think it is the threat of “real school” starting this fall when they hit kindergarten.

It might also be that I have very few memories of when I was 4 but a whole bunch of them from when I was 5.

So what do 5 year-olds look like these days? Something like this and this.

The Parties

The kids rang in their new age with nearly a week of celebrations.

Saturday was the friends party. Presents and food were enjoyed by all.

Sunday was the family party. Presents and food were enjoyed by all.

Wednesday we went out for a birthday dinner just because it fit into our schedule better than waiting until Thursday. Presents and food were enjoyed by all.

Thursday, they opened the last of their presents and were still able to finagle a Chicken Nugget Happy Meal out of us.

We are all a little tired. And most of us seem to be catching a head cold. What a great present that is!

The Presents

The kids made a pretty good haul this year with a lot of really cool presents. The favorites so far seem to be a big tent that we set up in the middle of our basement (how’s that for wacky – I promise to hunt down a photo or wait for BAGM to post about it on her blog) and a couple of toy dragons (Pookie likes to make them do the Mr. Noodle Family Dance).

They also received a ton of art projects, some books and videos and other assorted stuff that 5 year-olds love.

The Aftermath

Today, my parents volunteered to take the kids (yeah, all 3 of them!) away for the evening. So tonight BAGM and I will be falling asleep early and hoping we are still asleep tomorrow evening when my parents call to ask why we haven’t come to pick up the kids yet. I’m sure food…and it wouldn’t surprise if presents, too…will be enjoyed by all.

I decided that I was curious about what I could expect out of my kids now that they are 5 so I hit up Google. The two things that most amazed me are that 5 year-olds should understand 13,000 words (I’m not sure if I understand that many but then again, I’m not 5) and eat 1700 calories…a day.

Pound for pound kids have it the best. Geetle and Pookie each weigh around 50 lbs. I weigh right around 200. With their pound for pound requirements, I would be able to eat 6800 calories a day. That would be so awesome!

Anyway, happy birthday Geetle and Pookie!

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