Kid Update

by beagooddad on February 18, 2008

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Pookie had his kindergarten physical today. For some reason, he didn’t have to have blood drawn and Geetle did when she went last week. It must be a doctor’s discretion thing. Pookie did need 4 shots and handled it remarkably well. He also thought peeing in a cup was a bit odd.

Geetle was “helping” me get Giggles ready for bed tonight. BeAGoodMom walked upstairs and stopped in the bathroom to pee. Geetle walked in to hang out with BeAGoodMom because “Dad never gets any privacy.” She left out the part about how I never get privacy with the baby but it was a pretty funny thing to tell somebody while walking in on them peeing.

Giggles is starting to understand the physics of rolling from her front to her back but still can’t do it without quite a head start. She is starting to really enjoy getting read to and staring at the colorful pictures. She is also still addicted to nibbling on her fingers.

So that’s the kids these days.

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