Autism And Affection

by beagooddad on February 26, 2008

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After story time the other night, the four of us (Giggles was already in bed) were laying around on the kids’ beds just talking. Pookie decided to start running from person to person giving hugs and kisses and snuggling up to each of us including Geetle.

Geetle was pretending to be grumpy and kept saying, “No” whenever he got close to her.

So Pookie started cracking up and continuing to approach her when it was her turn in the rotation. It became a little game.

All of this got me thinking about autism and some of the things you hear about it. Things like autistic kids do not show affection and do not like to play social games.

Here Pookie was doing both at the same time.

Geetle eventually got swept up into the game and would shout “No” and crack up every time Pookie kissed her.

Pretty funny stuff.

Anyway, just remember that just because you hear things about kids with autism it does not make those things true. It could just be a myth about autism.

Or it could just be that your child does not fit into a nice, clean autism label and is in fact a unique little creature with his own interests, dislikes, quirks and fascinations.

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