Work Schedule Change

by beagooddad on March 11, 2008

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Sorry for the recent lack of posts and responses to comments/email. I’ve been just a little bit sick. Since it doesn’t appear that it is ever going to get either any better nor any worse, I figured I should take a little time to write something.

I found out on Monday that my work schedule is going to change a little bit. The work assignment that I have had for nearly a year, the one that let me work from my basement, is coming to a close.

This week and next week, I will work on the project on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Then in April, they have another about 1 week project.

Other than that, I am back to waiting for the sales people to find me something to do. On days that we are “on the bench” we have to drive into the office to hang around and do little things that might come up.

So today, for the second time since early last April, I had to drive into an office for work. It wasn’t horrible, but I still prefer the basement and hope I can land another long time work from home assignment.

I treated myself to Duncan Donuts and some food from the quickie mart in the office. I listened to ESPN Radio on the drive to and from work. I wore a button up shirt (and blue jeans – no need to go overboard).

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