Hitting The Nookie Bar

by beagooddad on March 19, 2008

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Every morning, Giggles wakes up between 5am and 6am (normally between 5:05 and 5:10). Actually she does not really wake up. She just kind of whines a little bit.

Like a zombie, I wander into her room, reswaddle her, and plop her nookie (pacifier for those of you that use a different nickname for them) in her mouth and wander back to my bed.

She falls back asleep for about an hour.

I realized this morning that it really isn’t any different from how I have learned to hit the snooze bar almost every morning to get an extra 9 (or 18…or dare I say 27) extra minutes of sleep every morning.

Maybe I should just make a couple cups of coffee for the two of us and start getting a few more things done around the house.

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