Back To The Office

by beagooddad on March 23, 2008

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This week I have a work assignment that will actually force me out of the house and into the office with a crappy commute (an hour’ish each way). It is only a 3-4 day assignment but after a year of the basement with only a couple days to my consulting company’s main office (about 35 minutes each way), I’m not ready for a real commute.

Hopefully I’ll remember to put the Sirius radio back in the car and hopefully the next assignment after this will let me retreat back to the basement.

I really feel bad for BeAGoodMom this week, though. After a year of having me around to share the computer room and to get kids off the bus if she ended up on a long conference call and me being home and on parenting duty as soon as my job shift was done, my getting sent back to the real work force happens to coincide with our kids’ spring break. She’ll probably be pretty ready for this coming weekend.

In a strange bit of cosmic karma amazement, I’m pretty sure that the guy I will be reporting with at this assignment is the guy who left a company I was working at back in 1999. When he left, I was able to switch departments from a data entry job into IT. Now nearly 9 years later, I think that I will see him again.

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