Kindergarten Registration

by beagooddad on April 5, 2008

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We took the kids to where they will be going for school next year (if everything goes the way we want).

The Geetle and Pookie went away with the kindergarten teacher to hear a story and do an art project while BeAGoodMom and I filled out the paperwork and wrote the checks.

The only thing worse the fighting through the registration lines where everybody is writing checks is getting to the front of the line and needing to do it for two kids.

It also is a bit annoying to fill out of the registration paperwork at home only to be told that you have to type it all into their computer system. Fortunately, the computer system is designed well enough to please a computer geek/programmer like me.

BeAGoodMom spent some time chatting with the teacher and principal at the end while I herded Pookie and Geetle around the halls. We found out that she currently has an aide in the room for one of the kids this year. That’s a comforting precedence. Also, neither she nor the principal seemed bothered or flustered at all of the prospect of having an autistic child in class next year.

Pookie spent most of the time when they were alone with the teacher exploring the room which doesn’t really surprise me. According to the teacher, Geetle was a great little helper and smart little cookie. I wonder how much longer she’ll end up being the teacher’s pet. She has completely been the teacher’s pet for the two years of preschool.

Since there is only one kindergarten teacher at the school, we know several people in the neighborhood that are in one of her classes this year. She has a reputation for being a very good and fun teacher who runs a very tight ship. Some of the more energetic, bouncy boys in the neighborhood seem to be doing very well under her direction.

None of which will actually make me any less nervous on the first day but all of it makes me very excited for both of them next year.

Oh, and for the record, Giggles was a happy, smiley baby throughout the whole affair even though we didn’t leave the school until after her bed time.

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