But Excuse Me That is My Book (Charlie and Lola)

by Paul on April 22, 2008

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Sippy Cup Book of the Week

Hello, my name is Paul. I’m a Database Administrator/Web programmer by day, and a wannabe fiction writer at night. In addition to that, I’m father to a beautiful 23 month old little girl. Ever since the first day we brought our daughter home from the hospital, we have been reading to her, starting with The Going to Bed Book by Saundra Boynton and the classic Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown up to whatever Blue’s Clues book we can find at the library. Reading is a big part of our life. Each week, I hope to share that with all of you. Books will be rated on a scale of 1 Sippy Cup to 5 Sippy Cups, based on my opinion of the book, weighed heavily with my daughter’s opinion on the book.

The first book of the week is But Excuse Me That is My Book (Charlie and Lola) by Lauren Child. The book features Charlie and Lola, a brother and sister my family first encountered on television on the Disney Channel and loved so much we had to read the books. Charlie is the older of the two, and much of the stories deal with the interaction of big brother and little sister. In fact, each book begins with Charlie saying, “I have this little sister Lola, she is small and very funny.” On the television show, Charlie and Lola speak with a British accent, something I may or may not pull off when I read it to my daughter.

In this particular Charlie and Lola book, But Excuse Me That is My Book, Charlie tries to convince Lola, who insists she only likes her favorite book Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies, that she may enjoy other books as well. Lola insists that her favorite is the only book for her, and no other can fill its place. Eventually, she learns the hard way that there are other nice books in the library, subtly and entertainingly working in the message to young readers to try new things.

Not only is the story excellent, but the illustrations are very interesting and well done. The pictures are a mix of drawings and “real” objects in the background, giving a 2-dimensional feel to the pages (or collage-style artwork as the publisher says on the back of the book). The story also often heads towards imagination, Lola’s, which lends itself to some cute situations with the chimpanzees from her new “favorite” book: Cheetahs and Chimpanzees.

We read this book to our daughter several times times while we had it reserved from the library, and it never got old. My daughter’s favorite part of the book is when Lola’s eyes get really big and she shouts to Charlie that another girl had “her book”. This book grabbed my daughter’s attention so much that she rehearsed the dialog between the main characters during several lunchtimes.

For these reasons, I recommend this book and many of the other Charlie and Lola books to any young reader, especially to those who have a younger or older sister. My daughter and I give this book four out of five sippy cups!


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