Working In The Big City

by beagooddad on April 16, 2008

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I’m still alive and kicking. I started a new assignment in downtown Chicago and have been trying to adjust to the commute. I’ve found out that I don’t have the energy to work downtown.

But, check this out. During various stages of the commute, I’ve use a car…to get to the train…from the train, I’ve either walked the nearly 2 miles to the building or, and the kids thought this was pretty cool, just hopped on the water taxi which picks up right at the train station an happens to drop off right where I am working.

Then on the way back to the train station, I’ve either walked or taken the bus.

All in all, that ends up being about 4 hours of commute a day.

Which sucks because I’ve barely seen the kids (including 0 minutes today).

On the plus side, I’ve been reading a lot on the train. I work in the NBC Towers building. I’ve had the opportunity to find out I could care less about working downtown and I’ll only have to waste two weeks of my life to learn that lesson.

I’ll try to remember to take a camera to work someday soon and make a photo post to force myself to get some pictures for the kids.

In the meantime, next week the new Be A Good Dad writers will be around to help keep things moving during the week….and I’m too tired to proofread this. Goodnight.

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