Mercury, Autism, Earth Day and the air we breathe

by beagooddad on April 25, 2008

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I’ve written before that I do not think that any mercury that may have been present during any flu or vaccine shots was not responsible for Pookie’s autism. Based on his development, it appears that he was born autistic…in my opinion at least.

I read about a recent study that was conducted in Texas that found a correlation between the rate of autism and the distance families lived from sources of mercury pollution (like power plants). Apparently for each 10 miles you get from a big source, the autism rate drops between 1-2%.

Interesting. We hear so much about mercury and autism but it is almost always framed in a manner that blames the vaccines and flu shots. And the parents get extremely riled up.

I would have to believe that constantly inhaling mercury throughout a child’s early years would be more damaging then a few shots. Maybe we can get them to team up with some of the Earth Day friendly organizations to work on cleaning up these sources of mercury (which we know is bad for health whether it causes autism or not).

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