Blue’s Sniffly Day

by Paul on May 6, 2008

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Sippy Cup Book of the Week

This next book is another good book, one that came in very handy during the sick season on the past winter, when my daughter, my wife, and I thought it would be a fun idea to pass our sickness around the house a few times, just for kicks. It can be tough for a little one to understand why mommy or daddy or even they aren’t feeling better. This week’s book, Blue’s Sniffly Day, might make understanding this a little easier.

Blue’s Sniffly Day is based on the children’s cartoon, Blues Clues, and featuring the dog Blue and her first friend Steve. The book opens with Steve telling the audience that Blue is feeling under the weather and if the audience has seen her. Of course, she is visible on the page and looking tired. That formula is repeated throughout the story.

Nearly each page ends with Steve asking the audience a question, adding to the interactivity of the book. One page has a bunch of doctor’s equipment on the floor and Steve asks if there is anything in the room that might help Blue. Another page is set in the kitchen and Steve asks the reader to find the ingredients for soup for Blue from a chart in the background. Rather than just sitting back and listening, this book gets the young reader to think. In answering Steve’s questions, the reader gets a feeling they are helping Blue, which most kids will love.

If you have seen Blues Clues on television, you know what the illustrations in this book will look like. Steve appears on the page as a live action photograph and the other characters and backgrounds are drawings. On the cuteness scale, these pictures are on the opposite creepy factor than the Dr. Seuss illustrations.

My daughter turns two years old on Saturday, and I just got done reading this book to her. As always, she really enjoyed hearing about her friend Blue and liked helping her feel better. Her favorite part was probably the soup page, especially baby Paprika (she pronounces it Pappa-Rika) holding the peas. If that last sentence made now sense, you’ll have to read the book.

As with my other two reviews, I’ll have to give this one four sippy cups. I guess the reason I’ve rated everything so high is because I’ve only reviewed books my daughter and I have enjoyed. Maybe I’ll mix some bad ones in someday. Seriously, as you can see from the Amazon link, you can pick this book up new for less than $4.00. You can’t beat that.


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