Creating a Healthy Family

by childsplayx2 on May 9, 2008

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As you may know, I work for the YMCA, where our tag line is We Build Strong Kids, Strong Families, Strong Communities. But building strong families as a job is different from building a strong family under my own roof.

I hate to admit this but I have been known to leave the healthy environment that is the YMCA, get in my car and, on the way home, stop off at a local fast food restaurant to pick up dinner for the gang at home. (I’m only telling you this because I KNOW I’m not the only one out there who does this. Right? Yeah, I’m talking to you.) And while I do my best to pick out items that are semi-healthy (salads, chicken, etc.), it’s still fast food.

The point is, we all know we need to lead a healthier lifestyle.  We all know we need to teach our children the importance of eating healthy.  We know this.  But we let our lives get so hectic that grabbing a bite to eat (even if it’s deliciously fried food) is all we can do to fit everything in.

That’s why the YMCA created some tools to help families get back to the basics.  Eating healthy, exercising and, perhaps most importantly, spending time together as a family is something we all need in our lives.  This tool kit helps us think about how we can fit a healthy lifestyle into our busy lives.

Sometimes, we just need a little push.  Here’s to building a stronger, healthier family!

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