Raising A Rock Band

by beagooddad on May 8, 2008

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My uncle brought his XBOX 360 and a copy of Rock Band complete with drum set, two guitars, and microphone to a party the other day (that link is to the soon to be released Nintendo Wii version – more on that later).

I used to play video games non-stop between sundown (when the darkness forced us off the basketball courts) and sometime between when I should have gone to bed and sunup. Somewhere along the way, the first person shooters and real time simulation games were introduced. I hate both types of games and have since hung up my controllers.

But Rock Band might just…nay, definitely will be bringing me back into the gaming world. I had more fun with this game than any game that I have played since retiring my Intellivision, original Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Turbo Graphix 16 and original Playstation (I never really had any fun with the XBOX).

Rock Band Party
Reasons why this game is great:

  • You get to live the rock band dream
  • You get to play a ton of songs that I love
  • There is a big amount of teamwork. If somebody in your band can’t play their part of the song, the crowd boos you off the stage
  • But before that happens, the other members of the band can save you by playing extra well allowing you to continue playing the song
  • It has a drum set. Everybody (Pookie and Geetle in particular) loves drum sets.

Unfortunately, Rock Band is not available on that XBOX that we still have plugged into a TV. The kids love some of the Nintendo Wii games they have played at a couple relatives’ houses (particularly Bowling), so once I finally manage to find a Wii, I’ll be pulling out the old credit card. I had read that getting a Wii was difficult. Man, that is an understatement.

So, the kids look to have a healthy mix of swimming, running in the yard, learning to read, and playing video games (in small doses, of course…but I might play some games after they go to bed).

Which will make it pretty much like every summer I had after I turned 12. I’ll have to invest in the peanut butter cups.

For the record, our band has been reviewed on a major internet site. Go read about how awesomely we rocked the basement. But the reviewer might be biased because rumor has it that she is sleeping with a member of the band.

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