Sexual Temptations

by beagooddad on May 19, 2008

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We decided to try out a new church closer to home yesterday. For the record, I only go to churches at all because practicing the large group/small group interactions in a classroom type setting is great practice for Pookie. I mention that because it might be good context for my reaction to what happened.

We dropped the kids off in the uber-protective classes (even Giggles gets to go to church school) and headed for the main auditorium. I had brought a notebook so I could make a few random lists of chores and thoughts to pass the time. But then the pastor announced they were starting a 4 week theme of improving marriages. I figured it might be slightly offensive to BeAGoodMom if I was doodling pictures while I could be learning about how to be a better husband so I left the notebook in my backpack.

We first learned that we are all sinners from the second we are born. Evidence was presented in the form of a YouTube video of a toddler biting his brother’s finger and then cracking up about it. Seriously.

Then we got to hear about how bad pornography, homosexuality, and orgies are for a marriage. And here I thought churches were becoming more mainstream. Fuddy duddies.

Then the pastor started talking about ways that he removes the temptations for sexuality. He doesn’t watch rated R movies because he might see a booby which could get him to start thinking about boobies of women that don’t belong to his wife. He goes to a gym with less features because they have a more inclusive dress code policy because seeing those barely covered sweaty woman will make him think of other women besides his wife all sweaty.

And he even goes out of his way not to have one-on-one lunches with a woman because eating a hamburger and fries will make him start to think of having hamburger and fries of another….well, I didn’t really even understand that one.

So I’d like to open up the comments. What do you think about coed lunches? Do you get worried when your spouse goes out with a member of the opposite sex for a business lunch or to catch up with an old friend?

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