Bad Dad Moment

by beagooddad on May 29, 2008

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Yesterday, I took Geetle and Pookie to the Family Night at Geetle’s preschool. It was science night and the teachers did some experiments with water and baking soda and other things that made little explosions.

Pookie was extremely tired going into the evening and the little pops and bangs were too much for him. So I took him out into the hall and we played silly games to pass the time.

About 20 minutes later, the show was winding down and I expected Geetle to pop her head out of the class and tell me all of the fun things she saw. They did the Menthos in the pop trick which I’m sure was very popular.

Instead, her teacher walked her out. Geetle was crying. When I left the room, I forgot to tell her what I was doing so she had no idea if I was still in the building or in Canada.

I suck.

I apologized and reassured her that I would never actually leave the building without her and then apologized.

But I still suck.

So next time you leave an area with one of your kids, make sure you tell the other kids…even if you are only going to be just outside the door.

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