What’s Wrong, Little Pookie

by Paul on June 10, 2008

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Bear with me if this post is a little short or less than imaginative. It’s hot where I’m at right now. We’ve had about a week of 90+ degree weather during the days and it hasn’t gotten much cooler at night. This has led to some sleepless nights, mostly by me, but one for my two year old daughter and myself. Not the best of times.

Still, I want to mention a book my daughter has been enjoying lately. The book is called What’s Wrong, Little Pookie? and is written by the ever popular Sandra Boynton. The premise of the book is that Pookie is sad and his Mom is trying to determine why he’s sad through a series of questions, each more silly than the next. By the time you reach the end of the book, Pookie has forgotten why he’s sad because he’s now in his mother’s arms.

I think that’s why my daughter likes this book so much. Sure, the illustrations are nice and that helps. However, what makes it special to her is she call curl up with her “Momma” just like Pookie and hear a story. Besides, doesn’t a hug from Mom always make things better?

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