Hiyah 1, 2

by beagooddad on June 10, 2008

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Expect a fair number of Kyuki-Do updates this year. It looks like Geetle and Pookie will be sticking with the class. They are both having so much fun so far. They were both so excited while getting dressed in their little Kyuki-Do suits and while riding over.

I’ll start with saying that Geetle is doing amazing. She is working very hard at paying attention and following the instructions. Last week she started to get frustrated when she got confused but she was either more patient last night, had fewer things that confused her, or just didn’t like how hot the class was last week.

I stayed close to Pookie but tried to limit my physical assistance. Instead of dragging and pushing him through the moves, I let him try them first. He was probably able to do about 25% of it with zero help and probably another 25% with assistance ranging from just holding his shirt to remind him to stay in one spot all the way up to actually moving his body through the entire movement. You wouldn’t even believe how much he has improved over the 4 classes.

I was even able to try some of the moves myself (we will sign up for the family plan and I’ll go through the class with them once Pookie can do it alone).

At least for the first half of the session. During the second half, they do a lot of the stretching, pushups, etc. The more stationary activities.

Pookie had a ton of trouble staying calm after all of the excitement of the punches and kicks.

I am extremely proud of how well he did with the first half but am much more interested in watching him learn the second half. During kindergarten next year, he will probably spend most of his “normal classroom” time doing gym, recess, large play group, music, etc. where his echolalia and bounciness won’t be as big of a factor.

The big transition after that will be into the small groups and story time and other quieter portions of the school day. If he can learn how to make that transition in Kyuki-Do class, then he should have a much better chance of doing it at school.

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