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by beagooddad on June 13, 2008

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I never really got into the whole Twitter experience. It just seemed like to much random one line comments with very little real interaction which was mostly a site design issue for me.

Then I tried Plurk the other day and fell in love. The basic design is a way to have a whole bunch of group instant message chats going at once that you can read and update whenever you get around to it. So you actually get real group interaction because everybody can easily see everybody else’s replies and then actually reply to them. It looks a little like this:

plurk window

Well actually, it looks exactly like that since that is a live screenshot.

Anyway, I can actually see myself sticking with Plurk for a while. If you decide to sign up, here’s a Plurk invite friend thingy that should automatically add me as a friend. That should work even if you already have an account but if not, my username is beagooddad. If you need help finding me, here is my Plurk profile page.

Let me know if you add me so that I can make sure you got added on my friends page, too.

Have a great weekend. Don’t forget to stop by on Sunday. I have a Father’s Day post that I think is pretty cool. And I didn’t even write it nor did any of the other people that sometimes write for BAGD.

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