Giggles’ New Baby Skills

by beagooddad on July 3, 2008

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On Sunday we are going to be going to a parade. We go to the same one every year. Giggles has developed a couple new skills recently that could come in very beneficial during the parade.

Waving – When we enter and leave the room, we frequently wave at her. We weren’t even really trying to “teach” her to do it, it just always seems to make babies happy when you make funny body movements. So wave we did. About a week or so ago, she started waving back. Whole arm body waves that usually almost make her fall over. She has also master the little hand wave where you just close your finger to your palm. She’s a smart kid. She’ll hopefully be waving at all of the politicians and beauty queens who are praying that somebody will wave at them.

No – The other night, I was giving her a bath. She kept reaching for and trying to remove the plug. There isn’t much water in the tub during a Giggles bath anyway, so I said “No.” She stopped and sat up. She tried it about 10 more times and I kept saying, “No” and she would sit back up and look at me like, “Why not” but she never touched the plug. This could come in useful when she decides to start reaching for the candy that the people in the parade are constantly throwing.

She has also learned a few new things that will be less useful this weekend but are still fun.

Growling – She has always been a squealer and a happy yeller but she has started to make some actual growling noises. It is mostly when we give her some finger foods that we call Veggie Booty and then “Yargh” like a pirate. Her “Yargh” sounds more like a growl and always bothers Pookie’s more sensitive ears.

Moving Around – She still can’t crawl, but yesterday she did the thing where she is on her hands and knees and starts rocking back and forth. It is coming soon. In the meantime, she has been know to roll and spin around the room covering several feet at a time to get to the toy she wants. She also accidentally got herself stuck under this lounge chair thing we have in our library. The thing stretches about 4 feet and she had entered under one and and exited all the way down at the other. Time to either look into child proofing or boarding school.

Have a great weekend! If you get bored, feel free to check in for new posts over the weekend. If you are thinking about launching fireworks from your driveway this weekend, could I interest you in some alternatives?

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