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by beagooddad on July 5, 2008

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So over the last couple months, Giggles has actually had a chance to make some friends with the babies of some of my friends.

Giggles Makes A New Friend

Giggles making friends

I’m almost amazed at how goofy she gets around other babies. She also loves going to the baby room at church because there is always 3-5 other babies her age in the room.

There are not many pictures of me and BAGM in the wild because, well, one of us is always taking the picture. Geetle took this one recently. I’m sure you have heard about our new motorless lawnmower. Well, we’ve done a few other environmentally friendly things that I’ll write about soon. Despite all of that, I was surprised to see how green we’ve turned recently.

Me and BAGM are very green

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