Disney’s Animal Stories

by Paul on July 8, 2008

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Each week, before I do these kid’s books posts, my wife and I ask our two year old daughter what her favorite book of the week is. I wasn’t sure what she would answer this week as we’ve spent more time outside than we’ve been reading. She chose a book we received as a gift when she turned one year old and have just started reading it to her now that she is less likely to eat or tear any of the pages. The book is called Disney’s Animals Stories (Disney Storybook Collections).

When you get down to it, the book is a collection of summaries of Disney movies that feature animals. They hit the basic points of the movies and sprinkle in some stills from the flicks. There really isn’t anything new here for those of us raised on Disney animation (except maybe A Bug’s Life), but it is nice to share these stories as new to the new generation.

My daughter’s favorite story is from the movie 101 Dalmatians and is titled “Pups in Danger”. It focuses on the Dalmatian’s capture by the vile Cruella De Vil. I tend to read faster on the pages featuring the villainess and concentrate on the pages with the puppies, to the preference of my audience.

It’s funny, though. I can remember a book I have at my parent’s house dedicated solely to 101 Dalmatians and I’m wishing I had that one with me to share with my daughter, as it went a bit more in detail to the story. There’s a part there where the dogs of the neighborhood bark to send word about the missing dalmatians. I’ll have to get that out the next time I’m home.

My wife and I also asked our daughter what her favorite part of the book was. She said it was the part at the end of the book when the dogs dance around the room while their “human pets” play the piano. I agree.

I never did like that Cruella De Vil. :)

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